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Wisp Silicone Mask - Philips Respironics

  • Comfortable: Ultra lightweight. Soft and comfortable.
  • Minimal contact: Our patented tip-of-the nose cushion design with auto seal groove technology delivers a minmal contact experience with a superior seal.
  • Small & light:  Compact, open field of vision.
  • Simple to use: Quick and easy to adjust for a superior seal and personalized fit with simple headgear clips.

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How to select your CPAP Mask ?

Before purchase your CPAP mask, you may refer to the follow guidelines.

Types of CPAP mask?

A CPAP mask connects the CPAP machine to your airways, and deliver air via your nose, mouth, or both, to your lungs. A good fitted mask is very important to your therapy and comfort.

There are 3 different main mask types:

Nasal Pillow: It provides therapy air to the nose by fitting around each nostril with comfortable pillows. This type of masks is very light, and have an open field of view and allow anyone to read a book or watch TV

Nasal Mask: This is the most popular mask styles on the market as it is light and comfortable, together with an open field of view. A nasal mask covers the nostrils and is strapped in place with a set of headgear straps.

Oral-nasal Mask: It fits around the mouth and the nose. They are intended mostly for individuals that breathe through their mouth and nose.

How to select a CPAP mask?

Depends how you sleep, your should select a mask that fits your style.

If you sleep with your mouth shut, or may read a book before go to bed, then you may select either a nasal pillow or a nasal mask.

If you sleep with your mouth open, you'll need an oral-nasal mask mask, or you could use a chinstrap and try a nasal mask.

How to choose the mask size?

Do you research online for the mask fitting guide available that's published by the manufacturer, or feel free to contact us for mask fitting

When to replace a CPAP mask?

Your CPAP cushion should be replaced once every 3 months, and your complete mask should be replaced once every 6 months.


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